Does Microsoft support open source software and Linux?

Does Microsoft support open source software and Linux?

The answer to the above question seems to be a resounding yes from whatever evidence is available in the public domain. Not only does Microsoft support but also creates, embraces and nurtures some of the best open source projects and Linux distributions. Herein is a comprehensive compilation of evidence of the same.

For those who prefer the highlights, herein are a few links that may help one self-assess the need for educating using open-source tools -
  1. 2016 : Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member
  2. 2018 : GitHub acquisition furthers Microsoft’s commitment to open source
  3. 2019 : Microsoft gets one of its biggest revenue earners till 2018, SQL Server to work on Linux as it sees the inevitable shift
  4. 2020 : The Windows Subsystem for Linux lets developers run a GNU/Linux environment -- including most command-line tools, utilities, and applications -- directly on Windows
For the latest about Microsoft and open source, read this dedicated Wikipedia article.

But we at Recherche, created the MSS on Linux for reasons completely independent of Microsoft's strategy. Herein is a summary: 2016 - Why is the My sCool Server built on Linux?
Thus, we appeal to those responsible for imparting education to bust the myths prevalent around us, sponsored by a marketing frenzy, and embrace fearlessly what is best for our students.

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