My sCool Server - an opensource product, built upon Linux to address several challenges

Why is the My sCool Server built on Linux?

Imparting education using Linux, hence the open source ecosystem has its manifold benefits including freedom to choose, innovate and scale. This is apart from the several financial benefits. With the rapid adoption of Linux and its variants in industries, it becomes imperative to provide quality education around this ecosystem. All the more, the infrastructure demands of the Linux ecosystem are not very daunting. It can be easily deployed on most existing infrastructure or can be provisioned for at a relatively low cost. Acknowledging these facts, most educational bodies have made Linux a part of the curriculum. But, as is true of any change, resistance and hurdles are imperative. Hence, with the premise that Linux is the way forward, we need the best and fastest method to disseminate lessons around this ecosystem.

A software environment favouring a pedagogy of learning which promotes active learning, participatory and collaborative practices and sharing of knowledge is essential to nurture a creative society. Free and Open Source Software – operating system and software applications will be preferred in order to expand the range of learning, creation and sharing.

My sCool Server, an open source product, very well addresses all challenges. It presents the next generation in computing and learning convenience for schools and students alike. It utilizes proven open source technologies namely, LTSP, Ubuntu LTS and several others to achieve this. These are the same technologies that have already empowered numerous schools and millions of students around the globe but now put together in a never before avatar.

Motivation behind the My sCool Server and how opensource helps