Mandatory hardware or software purchase requirement to use the MSS

Do we need to purchase any other hardware or software from Recherche?

If you already have sufficient computers and a local area wired network that meets the prerequisites criterion then you need not purchase anything additional.

This solution is designed with open-source principles at its very core and hence we support zero vendor lock-in. This means that we directly or indirectly do not force our customers to purchase any additional hardware from us. Our dealer partners may supply you with the end client hardware at competitive rates if you ever need the same.

However, the client hardware specifications (2 GB RAM, dual core / current generation Celeron CPU, PXE boot capable LAN port) as well as the network requirements (Gigabit unmanaged switch and Cat 5e cabling) are such that one can purchase it from the open market as well.

Minimal hardware requirements of a MSS based computer lab infrastructure

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