Install Linux on home computer using the live USB media

Can I install the Linux operating system on my home computer from the USB media created?

Though you need not install it, as it is a live media but yes you can.

Once you are convinced that this is the operating system you want on your home computer, you can install it by completely replacing the existing operating system. It can also be installed on a separate partition alongside you other OS or in a virtual machine on a hardware with enough resources.

This will result in the best Linux experience for you with all the applications as you have experienced at your school. It will also allow data persistence i.e. saving of your work to the computer storage, which is a limitation of the live USB.

Multiple installation modes are supported and the instructions are presented when attempting a boot from the live media. It requires no special training. You may study Hackett and Bankwell comic book guide or many online installation guides available before attempting and installation, if you are unfamiliar with the process or run into any difficulties.

For installing or using Linux on your home computer, refer the Create a Live USB section of the manual. The My sCool Server has made the process very intuitive and user-friendly. Hence now it is very easy for all to experience the best of what Linux computing has to offer at their homes as well. 

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