Required training to use the My sCool Server

What kind of training is required to operate the MSS and the applications?

The appliance is accompanied with a “Getting started guide” which is available at the time of unboxing the My sCool Server. The MSS is backed with a comprehensive, but simple “User manual”, a copy of which is available offline as well on the MSS itself. There are also a set of bite-sized online videos available to help with day-to-day tasks pertaining to the appliance’s usage and operations which serve as self-paced tutorials.

Training required to get up and running with the server is provided to teachers and administrators who would be using the system by our partner's engineer during deployment.

All the curriculum prescribed or otherwise packaged applications are well documented and supported by several textbooks (free or from leading publishers) and/or by the respective open source projects. We recommend that you visit the respective software project's website for the requisite details.

Our partners are well equipped to to guide your teachers with the pedagogical content, the values and skills they reinforce and its sources.

My sCool Server - How-to and Guides