Support bundled with the My sCool Server

What kind of support is bundled with the server?

Recherche will be providing after-sales support via an online portal exclusively accessible to our end users for matters directly related to operation of the server as detailed in the Terms of Service. The bundled support for factory state restoration will be up to one year from the deployment date. The aim is to provide instant remote support as and when needed.

For queries related to all the software bundled with the server, such as bugs, or functioning, or “howto” help etc, the user shall be guided to the respective forums and bug trackers.

No telephonic or on-site support is bundled by default with the appliance as it is designed to be functionally intuitive and is accompanied with comprehensive documentation and how-to video tutorials serving as self-paced learning guides. However, if there is a pressing need of telephonic or on-site support, then subject to feasibility, it may be availed at extra costs. Please contact us for the same and one of our representatives or dealer partners shall get in touch with you shortly.

How to avail remote support instantly?

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    • Does the factory restore feature restore all user data?

      No, as the name “factory restore” suggests, it is designed to restore only the system state to a state when the server left the factory. However, user data is not deleted or modified by this process, so if the data is still on the disk then it would ...
    • What does the MSS warranty cover?

      MSS products come with a 1-year limited warranty provided by Recherche Tech LLP. The appliance's hardware is covered with comprehensive OEM carry-in warranty. The warranty on the entire unit or its parts may vary depending on your MSS version and its ...
    • Does the recovery media creation feature backup all user data?

      No, the automated server recovery mechanism is not designed for that purpose. However, it can be performed manually by following the tips given in the Backup and Recovery section in the user manual.  We also provide assistance services at a small ...
    • What kind of training is required to operate the MSS and the applications?

      The appliance is accompanied with a “Getting started guide” which is available at the time of unboxing the My sCool Server. The MSS is backed with a comprehensive, but simple “User manual”, a copy of which is available offline as well on the MSS ...
    • Is internet connection a must to use the MSS solution?

      No, Internet connection is absolutely not required for the My sCool Server's operation or to use this solution on a day to day basis. However, to avail updates and improvements on a periodic basis or to get our instant remote support one will need to ...