Hardware and Software Specification of the My sCool Server

What is the hardware & software specification of the MSS?

The default My sCool Server is built atop best of class Intel hardware, an Intel NUC. It comprises of an Intel Celeron Dual Core current generation processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD. It is built atop Ubuntu Li-f-e (Linux for Education) which is a specially packaged operating system for educational purposes maintained by one of our co-founders. For complete details, check the specifications herein.

Many wonder how can such a configuration support multiple simultaneous user sessions across so many devices. That is the magic that we have woven together to present the end users an unprecedented, yet no compromise, computing experience. All current scenarios of deployment, varying from small village schools to big city private schools, have shown that this configuration is sufficient for varying workloads.

Details of the the several educational and productivity software tools available on the MSS are herein.

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