Support for changes in curriculum

What if there are changes in the curriculum?

The My sCool Server was initially created to suit the needs of Gujarat State Education Board's prescribed curriculum for grades 9 to 12. But thereafter, it has evolved into a generic computer lab solution. It has been validated against the curriculum being followed in other states such as Kerala.

In the absence of a detailed prescribed curriculum by any central board in India for grades 1 to 8, we have adhered to the key principles, recommendations and the approach proposed in the Model Computer Science Curriculum for K-12 schools. The proposed model curriculum also explains how its generic nature helps establish the foundation and prepares the students for the recommended curriculum of the various central and regional boards as they progress through grades 9 to 12.

We have designed the solution in keeping with the evolving needs of our education system and if there is any such change to the curriculum we will incorporate it free of cost. The updates will be rolled out to our existing customer within the warranty support period or at a very nominal charge beyond that.

This is subject to no strict mandate in the curriculum regarding the operating system platform being non-Linux and the prescribed  application(s), if any, should be available in the open source domain.

Having said this, we urge you to review the software tools packaged with the MSS.

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