Minimum hardware specification for client computers

What are the minimum hardware requirements of the client computers / terminals?

Chances are that the hardware which you already have is more than sufficient to serve as client terminals. One of the great advantages of the My sCool Server is that you can set up a high quality lab of terminals for your students by leveraging the machines you may already have.

The recommended minimum configuration of the client terminals being –  2 GB RAM, Dual core / current generation Celeron CPU, PXE boot capable LAN port.

Usability of clients with lesser specifications is not recommended and may be custom evaluated in extreme scenarios. Do get in touch with our pre-sales team for a free consultation and evaluation.

For those purchasing new PCs, it is advisable that they purchase Mini PCs of the above recommended configuration. They are available from several vendors with three (3) years of warranty. They consume less space and result in a very compact setup as evident in the pictures below.

Mini PC mounted behind monitor

Compact form factor with Mini PC

Once you have the minimal hardware requirements met, getting started with the MSS is very simple. See the video guide below to get a head-start.

Getting started with the My sCool Server

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