Charges for content pre-loaded on the My sCool Server

What are the charges for the content preloaded on the MSS?

The MSS comes pre-loaded with several thousand Open Educational Resources (OER) from Khan Academy, C K-12, Pratham Books, Computer Masti (First and Second Edition released under the CC license),, NROER, to name a few. It is pre-installed with some world class open source Learning Management System platforms such as Moodle and Kolibri. However, there are no charges, no support or warranties offered for any of these.

It is all being offered completely free of cost to demonstrate the capabilities and possibilities of our innovative platform. As a result we are able to connect the intended audience with the great content that was primarily designed for them. It is our way of contributing to the global Open Educational Resources movement.

The pricing of the MSS remains the same irrespective of the quality or quantity of OER content loaded, retained and / or used by the purchaser.

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