Updates to applications on the My sCool Server

Should I periodically update the applications on the server?

 Short answer – No. Whatever is installed has been tested to sufficiently serve its purpose in the educational context.

Read on for a long answer.

My sCool Server is a completely open source product, including the “glue software” from Recherche that binds the upstream components together.
Updates are generally available from the upstream projects on which it is built. Official operating system update repositories are configured in the server, but automatic updates are disabled by default and end user can decide if they want to keep the system up to date. Even if applications are updated on the MSS, they won't reflect in the user sessions automatically. It requires knowledge of the Linux Terminal Server Project and its intricacies.

Recherche recommends a conservative approach of “don’t attempt an update if it ain’t broken” as new features may come with new bugs and inconsistencies vis-a-vis the lessons in the textbook.

Recherche will not be responsible for any breakage in the system due to online updates as Recherche has no control over the various software that are coming from multitude of sources.

Also, all bundled software is covered by its own end user license agreement and Recherche assumes no responsibility for it.

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