Curriculum supported by the My sCool Server

Is there a prescribed curriculum that the MSS is designed around?

The My sCool Server was designed after careful research of pedagogical tools widely adopted and recommended by educationists across the globe. However, coincidentally it also adheres to the key principles, recommendations and the approach proposed in the Model Computer Science Curriculum for K-12 schools (CMC). The proposed model curriculum explains how it helps establish the foundation and prepares the students for the recommended curriculum of the various central and regional boards as they progress through grades 9 to 12. In the absence of an objective, detailed and outcomes oriented curriculum, the CMC serves as a guiding light.

Likewise there is another more recent and comprehensive curriculum from CSpathshala which focuses on computational thinking. It is accompanied with pedagogical content in multiple languages and may be adopted. The My sCool Server has everything needed to accompany this curriculum and has the multi-lingual curriculum pre-loaded as well.

Do note that the prime aim of the My sCool Server is to simplify and solve the challenges related to deployment and maintenance of stable and reliable IT infrastructure in the educational context.

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    • What if there are changes in the curriculum?

      The My sCool Server was initially created to suit the needs of Gujarat State Education Board's prescribed curriculum for grades 9 to 12. But thereafter, it has evolved into a generic computer lab solution. It has been validated against the curriculum ...
    • Are there any recommended publishers or books to effectively teach using the MSS?

      The My sCool Server has a very generic design with respect to the software tools packaged into it. We have found it to be well equipped and supportive of the instructions given in computer subject books prescribed by various state boards such as that ...
    • Do I need to learn anything additional to start using the server?

      No, once the server is connected to the network and all systems have been booted over the network, the experience of the desktop environment is almost the same as that detailed in most of the textbooks. Hence to get up and running, the accompanying ...
    • Can I install any new application on the server?

      The MSS has been carefully packaged with everything that is needed to address the needs of the prescribed curriculum. However, if you find it lacking in any way then we would request you to get in touch with us via the feedback form or through a ...
    • Can the MSS be built on a Raspberry Pi or can a RPi be used as a client system?

      Yes, surely, the My sCool Server can be built on a Raspberry Pi. It is a wonderful platform which is a hacker's dream come true and virtually anything is achievable and on a daily basis new limits are being set. The MSS 2.0 platform now supports the ...