MSS aids adoption of Linux by teachers as a teaching aid

How can the teachers teach using Linux when they are only used to Windows?

The My sCool Server opens the doors for teachers to adopt a more creative and collaborative mode of teaching by shattering age old myths around Linux and introducing them to its user friendly side. Hence, we see this as a great opportunity for the teacher(s) to evolve as well.

Before we answer the ‘how’, we believe that we must address the ‘why’. One of our founders has written a piece on learning computing concepts instead of tools which, we believe, perfectly addresses the ‘why’.

Our dealer partners' pre-sales team are trained to hand-hold the teacher(s) through the content evaluation and lesson planning phase and shall conclude the sale only if they are fully confident and satisfied. This also includes providing guidance with the recommended pedagogical material available from some leading publishers.

Even now, if you still have your doubts about the ‘how’, then just request a demonstration meeting by contacting us and we are sure that you shall have it all answered to your complete satisfaction.

We even offer limited period no-obligation free trials in select cities. That is also a great way to alleviate any of your fears. So go ahead and book your free-trial right now.

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