Has no one else innovated any other solution to the problem addressed herein?

Has no one else innovated any other solution to the problem addressed herein?

Despite our extensive research, we are yet to encounter anything that is as convenient and efficient as the My sCool Server. Herein are a few key findings that we encountered prior to setting out on our quest for innovation -
  • The state of Kerala (Impact study report TAPMI dated 21-07-2010) and Karnataka have attempted various models to achieve the same end goal of imparting education around the Linux ecosystem but with varying degrees of success and with varying but huge cost implications to the exchequer. Here is also a commendable document with a brief comparative study of the two models (Study by IT4Change Bangalore 13-07-2010).

  • There are a few organisations who are providing custom Linux distributions and solutions that propagate a vendor lock-in culture whenever you want to add additional or replace end-user systems, hence ours is definitely superior to those as well.

  • Our innovation’s goal has also been to present the most cost effective solution till date to achieve the same end-result, yet with an expansive scope without any constraints. No solution provider seems to be providing such a scalable and mass replicable solution.
Hence, herein is a chance for an institution to not only be the front-runner in implementing this most innovative and effective solution but to also set a precedent for the rest to follow, most of whom seem clueless about how to go about the mammoth task of spreading computer literacy and IT-enabled education among the masses.

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      Yes, it can be, but nothing in this solution will be patented as we are proudly open source and shall remain so as we love the pace of innovation that this anti-patent model offers. Also to make a clear distinction between innovation and invention, ...
    • Can we use an all-in-one computer as a client?

      Yes, you definitely can as long as it meets the minimum specifications given herein and if and only if you already have existing hardware that you want to reuse. However, if you are purchasing new hardware then we would advise you against investing ...
    • How is MSS an ‘environment and pocket friendly’ solution?

      The My sCool Server helps extend the lifespan of existing end client systems that are currently at all schools, majority of which satisfy the minimum client system specification requirement. For just working with the MSS, there is no HDD required on ...
    • Is internet connection a must to use the MSS solution?

      No, Internet connection is absolutely not required for the My sCool Server's operation or to use this solution on a day to day basis. However, to avail updates and improvements on a periodic basis or to get our instant remote support one will need to ...
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      Up to seventy (70) simultaneous clients systems have been bench-marked on our entry level server offering over a gigabit (1000 Mbps / Cat 5e and above) network. For specific details or any further queries, do contact us. Number of user accounts that ...