Warranty Extension for the My sCool Server

Do we need to purchase any maintenance contracts or warranty extensions?

The Recherche team has gone great lengths to ensure that the My sCool Server is an extremely easy to operate appliance designed with the principles of zero maintenance and zero vendor lock-in.

It comes with factory reset and any point in time restoration features that can be easily managed by a minimally trained staff member by referring the accompanying documentation and how-to videos. Moreover it comes with sufficient warranty in case there are any unforeseen failures. Hence we do not recommend any maintenance contracts.

But for peace of your mind, we do offer per year warranty extension that extends the same reliable first year support to the subsequent years. Details are available in the pricing section

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    • What does the MSS warranty cover?

      MSS products come with a 1-year limited warranty provided by Recherche Tech LLP. The appliance's hardware is covered with comprehensive OEM carry-in warranty. The warranty on the entire unit or its parts may vary depending on your MSS version and its ...
    • What kind of support is bundled with the server?

      Recherche will be providing after-sales support via an online portal exclusively accessible to our end users for matters directly related to operation of the server as detailed in the Terms of Service. The bundled support for factory state ...
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      No, you can create and distribute unlimited number of Linux USB bootable live media from the one-click media creator located on the administrator’s desktop. The simple instructions to create the bootable media are available in the  Take Linux Home ...
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      The My sCool Server helps extend the lifespan of existing end client systems that are currently at all schools, majority of which satisfy the minimum client system specification requirement. For just working with the MSS, there is no HDD required on ...
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      The appliance is accompanied with a “Getting started guide” which is available at the time of unboxing the My sCool Server. The MSS is backed with a comprehensive, but simple “User manual”, a copy of which is available offline as well on the MSS ...