Local Area Network specification for the MSS

Do I need a LAN (Local Area Network) to use this appliance?

Yes, a minimum Gigabit LAN (Cat 5e) is required that connects all the client computers to the MSS appliance via a switch (preferably Gigabit). It is only thereafter that one can boot the client computers using the My sCool Server. Hence, a reliable and high quality local area network is crucial for the proper functioning of a MSS based infrastructure and for experiencing its full benefits.

We also strongly insist on deploying structured networking as compared to unstructured networking. Structured networking is a one time investment which guarantees life-long trouble free functioning. Herein are a few images that will help explain the visible difference between structured and unstructured networking.

However 10/100 Fast Ethernet (Cat 5) can also be used wherein you may experience minimal but acceptable delays in the client boot process. One needs to be careful not to daisy-chain

Do note that one need not invest in a Cat 6 infrastructure as that is 10xGigabit which is far beyond than what is needed and shall not add any additional performance benefit whatsoever. 

For further details, we recommend that you see these very helpful networking guidelines.

Depicting the significance of networking to experience the benefits of the MSS

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