My sCool Server installation on bespoke hardware

Can the My sCool Server be installed on hardware provided by the school?

The team at Recherche has taken great pains to bring to you a standard appliance configuration with an optimised hardware and software combination. It is with the aim to pass on the benefits of the economies of scale that we have achieved.

Yet, the solution can be installed on hardware procured by you via our bespoke installation service - 'Bring Your Own Server' (BYOS) and should only be opted for deployments with special requirements that are not satisfied by our default options.

Do note that the benefits of our standard warranty terms can’t be availed for such bespoke installations and the specifics of the same are available in the pricing section.

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      No, the My sCool Server (MSS) is an integrated plug and play device with optimised hardware and software. It is all packaged together to provide unprecedented convenience for operating of computer labs at schools. Serving fully functional desktop ...
    • What is the hardware & software specification of the MSS?

      The default My sCool Server is built atop best of class Intel hardware, an Intel NUC. It comprises of an Intel Celeron Dual Core current generation processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD. It is built atop Ubuntu Li-f-e (Linux for Education) which is a ...
    • Do I need to purchase special or additional hardware for all client machines?

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