My sCool Server as a smart classroom enabler

Can the MSS be used to setup a smart classroom?

Yes, all you need to do is extend the LAN wiring to each of the classrooms that you would like to transform into a smart classroom and install a client PC therein. Once the client PC is connected with the smart class infrastructure (interactive white board, projector, etc.), the content hosted on the MSS is available to each of the teachers in their classrooms.

With our latest innovation on the MSS, a white-wall and a projector is all that is needed to simulate an interactive smart board that can be navigated and controlled from an Android phone or any handheld device. If there is a need of more precise control for writing and hand-writing recognition then one may opt for inexpensive graphics tablets from Wacom or XP-Pen. To know more, do get in touch with us.

With appropriate WiFi infrastructure, the content can smartly be accessed on hand-held devices such as mobiles and tablets as well. This way lesson dissemination and assessments can all go digital. The MSS also comes bundled with driver support for some industry leading smart classroom infrastructure hardware. Herein are available graphical and technical renditions of how the MSS can serve as the heart of the ICT infrastructure in a teaching/learning environment.

Click the links to view images from schools ranging from govt. village schools to private institutes that have adopted the MSS to disseminate lessons in their smart classrooms.

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