Installation of custom software on the My sCool Server

Can I install any new application on the server?

The MSS has been carefully packaged with everything that is needed to address the needs of the prescribed curriculum. However, if you find it lacking in any way then we would request you to get in touch with us via the feedback form or through a helpdesk ticket.

Yet, since the solution is open source and you would like to try something at your end, you are free to do so within the terms of the limited support warranty. Do remember to perform the requisite backups before you get adventurous.

Backup and Recovery on the My sCool Server

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    • Does the recovery media creation feature backup all user data?

      No, the automated server recovery mechanism is not designed for that purpose. However, it can be performed manually by following the tips given in the Backup and Recovery section in the user manual.  We also provide assistance services at a small ...
    • What if there are changes in the curriculum?

      The My sCool Server was initially created to suit the needs of Gujarat State Education Board's prescribed curriculum for grades 9 to 12. But thereafter, it has evolved into a generic computer lab solution. It has been validated against the curriculum ...
    • Can the My sCool Server be installed on hardware provided by the school?

      The team at Recherche has taken great pains to bring to you a standard appliance configuration with an optimised hardware and software combination. It is with the aim to pass on the benefits of the economies of scale that we have achieved. Yet, the ...
    • What does the MSS warranty cover?

      MSS products come with a 1-year limited warranty provided by Recherche Tech LLP. The appliance's hardware is covered with comprehensive OEM carry-in warranty. The warranty on the entire unit or its parts may vary depending on your MSS version and its ...
    • What is the hardware & software specification of the MSS?

      The default My sCool Server is built atop best of class Intel hardware, an Intel NUC. It comprises of an Intel Celeron Dual Core current generation processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD. It is built atop Ubuntu Li-f-e (Linux for Education) which is a ...