Can anyone put together a server like this?

Can anyone put together a server like this?

Of course, we create, use, maintain and contribute to the open source technologies that are part of this solution. If we can do it then anyone can, but there is no precedent of the same as yet that is available in the public domain and hence we clearly doubt that it will be this well made.

Now, if you may ask – that how do we plan to sustain in the face of competition? We recognise and realise these facts -

  • We believe that every school needs and deserves a device like the MSS, hence even if there were 100 more players, it will only result in a better world with more empowered educationists at the pace that the world needs. We alone will never be able to do it all.

  • But we also know that even if someone were to start making it today, our contributions to the core technology ingredients of this solution and first-hand know-how shall always keep us ahead in providing unmatched value addition. And we shall strive hard to remain the leaders.

Hence we, at Recherche, are open to forming a #nexusofgood, wherein we extend an invitation to prospective partners instead of them trying to re-invent the wheel.

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