Recommended books and publishers to accompany the MSS

Are there any recommended publishers or books to effectively teach using the MSS?

The My sCool Server has a very generic design with respect to the software tools packaged into it. We have found it to be well equipped and supportive of the instructions given in computer subject books prescribed by various state boards such as that of Gujarat and Kerala.

The MSS comes preloaded, with world acclaimed second edition of the Computer Masti series released under Creative Commons which also contain excellent teacher guidance material. The MSS is also equipped with self-paced training material from Spoken Tutorial made available offline. Another excellent source of curriculum and pedagogical content related to Computational Thinking, available via CSpathshala, is also preloaded. All this and more, completely free-of-cost. Hence the MSS is a self sufficient solution to get rolling to impart high quality "computer fluency".

However, those looking to purchase quality instructional material in-line with the CMC: A Model Computer Science Curriculum for K-12 Schools from some leading publishers may opt for the Computer Masti series from Next Education, the Linux based Cloud series from KIPS, the Go With Linux series from Macmillan. Likewise there may be other publishers who cater to the need of quality instructional medium for computer literacy.

Disclaimer: Recherche is not affiliated to any of the publishers or content providers mentioned above and it must not be mistaken for an endorsement. Do kindly exercise your discretion.

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